Our Story

Kartoon Kracker was born out of a need to satisfy everyone’s hunger for their heroes (or villains) on their screens.

With a commitment and dedication to bringing you every animated character from the evergreen classics – like Star Wars or your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman – to the new kids on the block like Robo Car Poli, we put them on your favourite apparel and shoes to feed your ever-increasing appetite!

Why Kracker? Because your average cracker just doesn’t cut it. We add the necessary snazzle and dazzle to your favourite kartoon characters, make them pop, and huzzah! Kartoons with Kracker-tude!

But we also believe that crackers are the simplest and very satisfying forms of comfort food. In fact, they could be considered essential. Just like us; indispensable apparel and footwear for a wholesome breakfast of champions.

Everyone deserves a kracker, and there’s nowhere else better to find it than at Kartoon Kracker.

Now, who’s hungry?